Aaron Watson opens up about American Soul’ country album

Aaron Watson opens up about American Soul' country album
Aaron Watson opens up about American Soul' country album

The album will be released in a digital format on January 8, and in a physical format on February 5, 2021. Watson either wrote or co-wrote all 10 tracks on the album. “I love albums, they still mean a lot to me as an artist. Having that direction makes me a more creative songwriter,” he said.

I wrote the song ‘American Soul’ two years ago, so it’s a song about going through hard times and not giving up on yourself. The whole world is going through this together. You need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and not giving up, you can’t give up,” he said.

Watson listed “Best Friend” as his personal favorite song on the album. “I’ve never written a song about a dog before,” he admitted. “It’s a waltz and a very traditional-sounding song. A lot of times I gravitate towards the songs that are album cuts. I always like the album cuts.”

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