Cadillac DTS

According to the experts, the new model Cadillac DTS will bring impressive features for style, quality and performance. It is a full-sized luxury sedan, which is built by Cadillac luxury division of General Motors, located at Hamtramck, Michigan, United States. Cadillac DTS’s designing and production work started in 2006.

The predecessor of Cadillac DTS was the Cadillac DeVille model. Cadillac DTS was also called as De Ville Touring Sedan.  Cadillac DTS proved itself as the largest sedan that has been manufactured by General Motors. The Cadillac DTS gave a good response after replacement of DeVille. Cadillac DHS i.e. DeVille High-Luxury Sedan replaced the designation of DeVille. It was provided with several options for comforts in cabin, which also includes power rear window sunshade and heated rear seats. DTS design was introduced in a definite way. During the January 20, 2005 parade, outfitted DTS limousine has been used for the second inauguration of George W. Bush. On February 9, DTS production has been visualized at the Chicago Auto Show 2005.

DTS has K-body platform. It is equipped with 32 V Northstar V8 that produces 275 bhp in a luxury trim. The performance in the Package horsepower has been increased to 292 bhp.  The length of the vehicle was 207.6 inches. The width of the DTs model was 74.8 inches and the height was 57.6 inches. Cadillac DTS has the fuel capacity of 18 US gallons. The transmission used in the vehicle was 4-speed automatic transmission. Elimination of the 6-passenger seating idea for non-limousine models was the standard change from DeVille to that of DTS. But, it was a handy optional feature of the vehicle, liked by many.

Presence of eight airbags, Xenon high power headlamps, power seats and leather seating were the special features of Cadillac DTS. The DTS also includes the features like Magnetic Ride Control, moonroof, navigation system, chrome wheels and cooled seats at a heated steering wheel.

In the market of sales, Luxury models have the price of US$41,990 and Performance version comes at the price of $50,490. According to the level of sales, DTS proved itself to be the best-selling full-sized luxury car in North America. A new DTS Platinum Edition has been launched in the mid to late 2007 consists of badging, interior trim and other luxurious features. With long rear C-pillar reminiscent and improved legroom, the DTS-L has come into market. GM, the manufacturer declared that 2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine was the combined form of Cadillac and limousine.

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