Deborah Lee Smith opens up about ‘Last Three Days’ action film

Deborah Lee Smith opens up about 'Last Three Days' action film
Deborah Lee Smith opens up about 'Last Three Days' action film

On playing Beth in Last Three Days, she said, “I had the privilege of playing a strong-minded, heart-focused character who is the emotional center of the film. I am a sucker for romance so I loved being the key to the romantic storyline. The director, Brian Ulrich, actually wrote the character for me, which was a huge honor and a lot of fun to play because a great deal of the dialogue felt like it was plucked straight from my brain. It is a true testament to Brian as a writer because he so beautifully created a role based on who I am.”

She complimented writer and director Brian Ulrich. “It was such an honor working with both of them. Brian has a heart of gold and incredible amounts of talent so he really made my job as an actor easy. I felt so supported and taken care of throughout the process,” she said.

“Working with Robert Palmer Watkins was a dream,” she admitted. “He is a formidable scene partner. We were really able to connect and be vulnerable with each other when we needed to be, and have tons of fun goofing off as well.”

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