National Democratic Convention Speech by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama told 4 years ago to the voters, who were rather unsure of what to do, that inspite of his husband having a name that is funny, he was nothing different from any of them. On last Tuesday, in her speech at the National Democratic Convention, she went on to say that his husband was a very good president. Michelle is said to be more popular with the masses than her husband and she began the 2012 convention of the Democrats with a premiere address at Charlotte, North Carolina, which also marked for another big step on Michelle’s path from a hesitant campaigner to heavy-weight political hitter.

While mostly the First Ladies in last hundred years have got lost in the uncertain waves of presidential politics, Michelle stands out reprising a modern role of offering a fresh humanizing antidote to caricatures of today that are hyper-partisan in nature. The stadium was jam packed with her supporters around 4 years ago when the trained lawyer from Harvard and Princeton came up to make the political debut. At that point she wanted to convince people that all Obamas were actually like them.

In her first speech she also shared her story of how she was a devoted wife and a devoted mother and how she managed to enter the corridors of White House inspite of hailing from poor regions of South Side, Chicago. She also elaborated how Obama used to play basketball with Michelle’s six foot six tall brother and how her late father used to walk on two canes to go across the room just to give a kiss to her mother.

Last Tuesday, in her speech, the current First Lady tried to put forth the fact that Obama was also a diligent and compassionate president.

She said in her speech that people often asked her whether being President of US had changed her husband, to which she replied that as far as Obama’s conviction, character and heart were concerned he was till the same guy she fell in love with years ago. She continued to elaborate how she has been seeing the same person sitting on his chair and replying to different letters that people have been sending him everyday.

In her recent speech she explained what kinds of letter the President received on a daily basis and how the problem of people only made him more determined and focussed to change things around in US.

In last few months, the first black First Lady of US, who is known for her charm and steel at the same time, has managed to do a lot of damage control for her husband’s brand, which was rather battered in last few years.

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