Peter Porte talks ‘Dashing in December’ film, Juan Pablo Di Pace

Peter Porte talks 'Dashing in December' film, Juan Pablo Di Pace
Peter Porte talks 'Dashing in December' film, Juan Pablo Di Pace

He played the role of Wyatt Burwall in the movie. On his experience filming Dashing in December, he said, “It was great. This movie was a complete surprise and the gift that keeps on giving,” he said. “Once I got the call for this film, it all worked out. The studio was behind it 100 percent.”

Porte enjoyed working with co-stars Juan Pablo Di Pace and Andie MacDowell. “Juan Pablo Di Pace was great. He is awesome, a very generous and giving scene partner,” he exclaimed. “Andie MacDowell was amazing as well. I grew up watching her movies, she is an icon. She has a wealth of amazing stories too.”

He also complimented writer and director Jake Helgren. “Jake is great, this is the second movie I’ve done with him. It is really exciting to watch him work, especially on something that meant a lot to him. This is his true baby. He knows how to get what he wants in a very short time with limited resources,” he said.

On being an actor in the digital age, at a time when streaming is so prevalent, he said, “It is wonderful because it opens up a lot of new opportunities to both perform and create your own content. I am excited because there are a ton of more opportunities and avenues for artists and creators.”

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